Lectures Plurielles – Our project

Lectures Plurielles is an association, an international network of readers, a literary season and a   unique festival in France, the Festival du premier roman de Chambéry (Festival of First novels).

We are plural and participative
We favour dialog and exchange
We work on the taste for reading and  questionning
We encourage personnal involvement, critical approach and a non conformist discovery of contemporary literature …

Lectures Plurielles  gathers  desires and projects to open onto the world, discover new writers, meet those that make contemporary literary creation.

We coordinate a network of over 3000 readers, who meet to discover and select first novels by french-speaking and european writers. Discover and select, for these readers not only read, exchange, debate but also elect their favourites who are then invited to take part  into the  Festival du premier roman de Chambéry, in may.

Reading, discovering, discussing, selecting, meeting, participating all year round : all actions to be conjugated in the 1st person  plural.

WE, young people from primary school to university, WE, solo readers or gathering in libraries, cafés, companies, health centres, cultural institutions, old people’s homes, prisons.
WE, in  France, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Romania, Quebec, Burkina Faso, Nepal, Laos…
What about…. YOU ?!