Festival of first novels

The Festival of first novels : literature is priceless !

The first collaborative literary event in France, our festival is a unique opportunity to discover contemporary literature in French, English, Italian, Spanish, German, Romanian. Debates, meetings, workshops, shows, exhibitions… For four days, you will travel within the artistic world of the authors present.

An event with loads of aspects, literary as well as cultural and artistic. : words will be heard, listened to, interpreted, exchanged, written, danced ; stories will come alive in innovative and hitherto unseen moments.

In Chambéry, the laureate writers are chosen by the readers. Readers who live in Chambéry, but also others, that can read in French or any of the languages represented, and wish to share their favourites of the year with our visitors ! There is no difference between the writers, they’ll be all equal, they come to meet their readers, in the company of more experienced authors who have followed our event for quite some time.

Since the first Festival in 1987, numerous writers have walked the streets of Chambéry, meeting their readers. For a lot of them, it has been the starting point of promising careers, and quite a few have become famous : Olivier Adam, Christine Angot, Laurent Binet, Philippe Claudel, Delphine De Vigan, Mathias Enard, David Foenkinos, Laurent Gaudé, Michel Houellebecq, Amélie Nothomb, Boualem Sansal…